Formerly the 19th "Kalisz" Tank Division, little is known of their wartime history. In 1998 it was pulled from the line and saw most of its remaining manpower transferred to other units as replacements. It was then later refitted as a cavalry unit, though a shortage of horses means in practice that it continues to be light infantry formation. For the last 18 months the 19th has been tasked with protecting the USSR/Polish Baltic Front Headquarters. They saw only minor action against the US 11th Corps during the summer offensive and did not participate in later operations against Gdansk.

Currently, the Polish 19th Cavalry Division guards Malbork, and is solely responsible for the surrounding countryside. They have an unofficial truce with the Gdansk allied community of Sobieszewo Island.


Baltic Front

Current Location:

Malbork (including some satellite outposts)

Strength & Organization:

600 Manpower (Estimated)

Headquarters & Support Squadron
 Task/Role: Command and Logistics
 Location: Malbork

1st Squadron
 Task/Role: Static Infantry
 Location: Malbork

2nd Squadron
 Task/Role: Static Infantry
 Location: Malbork

3rd Squadron
 Task/Role: Static Infantry
 Location: Malbork

4th Squadron (Mounted) - Malbork (when not deployed temporarily elsewhere)
 Task/Role: Mobile Reserve / Special Duties
 Location: Malbork (may be temporarily deployed anywhere east of Vistula)

5th Squadron (Mounted)
 Task/Role: Patrol
 Location: Rybina / Przemyslaw / Oslonka

Special Notes: The 5th Squadron is currently led by Artur Netzel (its former commander was Capt. Bajek.