Pirate Submarine
Encountered at The Twins, the Pirate Submarine is a rusted old submarine. The submarine has sheet metal welded to its sides, and two large structures line either side of its hull, which appear to be large cylinder-shaped objects, similar to 10,000L fuel tanks. During the battle, the Submarine was pelted by all kinds of ordinance, but thanks to its hull designed for deep ocean pressures, the only weapon that seemed to have any noticeable impact were the rounds from the unit's Carl Gustav. Eventually, the Submarine ended up running from The Twins, being chased by Halina Nowak in the Arcadia along with a few other Fishermans League ships. This was the last time Halina Nowak and the Arcadia were seen - it is speculated in Gdansk that Nowak managed to capture the sub and is planning to use it to take control of the Fishermans League.

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