This article includes all other intel from the Silesian mission to recover the Black Madonna.

Transmission: September 7 (Mad Dogs to Vincent Wright)

After establishing communications with Vincent Wright, JJM made his report, "The operation was a complete disaster. We ended up in a three way fight with the Foreign Legion and the Army of Silesia. A fake of the Lady was recovered but sources in the Army of Silesia reported the original was moved years ago. Fake is in possession of the Army of Silesia."

"We were captured by the Margrave's men and we were given the choice of imprisonment or joining a Foreign Legion he is creating. I made the decision to join. I have been given unrestricted leave to use this radio to contact you and I am as sure that it is secure as I would be of Major Black's love of his name-sakes."

Following JJM's briefing, a long drawn out sigh from Wright precedes a moment of empty static. When Vincent finally returns, his voice sounds distant and exhausted, "Did you manage to track down and find out what happened to Tim Seeley and his team?"

JJM responded, "As far as we know, Seeley is dead and the rest of his crew were hit by a large number of unidentified Eastern cavalry. We have one survivor, Per Kolstrup. I can have him speak to you in the next transmission."

Following JJM's explanation that Per Kolstrup is the only known survivor, the radio goes dead again for several moments.

"Alright John." Wright eventually says again, this time mustering up the energy to speak in his usual brash and quick fire style. "I don't care who is listening. We're still partners in my books... fifty fifty. Still patriots. I'm going to need some time to explain this though... and figure out how I can justify getting you back. This isn't a total loss yet." Vincent then adds, "See what you can learn and maybe gain while you are on the ground. I will be listening again, different frequency. Longitude and latitude, first two digits of both, of the city where we first met, new channel. Got it? Check back in a few days to see if I have something."

Wright will then pause, allowing the Major any final comments or questions before signing off.

"Thanks for your sentiments, we'll hang in here."

[Transmission Ends]

Plan for the coup:

Luis Ortega:
As his final discussion with Major McCarthy and Lieutenant Wozniak concluded with a series of nods Ortega glanced round the classroom, ensuring that everyone was present.  It seemed that they were so he strode to the front of the room and raised his voice a little so he could be heard over the hubbub of conversation that had been going on.

"Ok guys, gather round and listen in while I run you through the plan.  Joe.  Krol.  Cover the doors and make sure we're not being listened in on.

"Right.  Team assignment first of all."
  He glanced at a scrap of paper before continuing.

"Sniper Team will comprise Oversergent Kolstrup as Team Commander with Sergeant Fox, Staff Sergeant Hollister, Corporal Leota, Ferro and Private Sawiki.

"Assault Team will comprise Major McCarthy as Team Commander, Lieutenant Wozniak, Sergeant Benucci, Sergeant Sobczak, Corporal O'Brien, Corporal Kallus, Specialist Mulcahy and Lance Corporal Cooper.

"Follow Up Team will comprise Major Barnett and HM3 Catchings.

"Rear Guard Team will comprise me as Team Commander, Sergeant Marshall, Corporal Morgan, Corporal Lines, Private Nowak J and Private Nowak M.

"Exit Team will comprise Sergeant Ostrowski as Team Commander, Sergeant Kolanko, Corporal Krol, Private Zielinski and Private Mientkiewicz."

As he finished the long list of who was in what team Ortega put the piece of paper back in his pocket.

"Ok.  Lets go through the detail of the plan.  The first step is for the Sniper Team minus Ferro and Sawiki to infiltrate early and set up at the dormitory.  From there you'll be able to establish clear lanes of fire down both Wojska Street and Ludwika Street and cover both our entry into the Hotel and two of the most likely approaches for any relief forces, including plain clothes police.  You'll also be able to tell us when the target arrives.

"Ferro and Sawiki will be in the Toyota Land Cruiser with Ferro driving and Sawiki navigating as Ferro is our best driver and Sawiki is a local and knows her way around the streets.  Your job is to extract the Sniper Team so you need to park up behind the dormitory, ready to get them out as soon as Oversergent Kolstrup orders the withdrawal.  It's possible that you might need to be there for a while so it's up to you whether you want to look a little less military. 

"Once we get the signal that the target is in the Hotel the Exit Team drives everyone else in and drops us all at the front of the Hotel.  The Exit Team then drives round to the rear of the Hotel to secure it.  We wont have had the rear entrance under observation so if there is a problem there then you'll need to report it in ASAP as that's our route out.  From the Exit Team Sergeant Kolanko will be driving the Tarpan Honker, Zielinski will be driving the Star 266 truck and Mientkiewicz will be driving the Warburg 353.  Assault and Follow Up teams will be travelling in the truck and Rear Guard will be split between the other two vehicles.

"After being dropped everyone who's at the front of the Hotel with the exception of Sergeant Marshall will immediately enter the Hotel.  Assault will be in the lead with Follow Up on their heals and Rear Guard entering last.  Assault will immediately proceed to the lounge to secure the target, taking other prisoners along the way as necessary, with Follow Up immediately behind them to take care of any wounded.  Rear Guard will set up a defensive perimeter in the lobby to cover the loyalist troops outside.

"With the prisoners the six hetmen from the Eastern autonomous region are to be released, told to stay out of the way and then sent up to their rooms.  The hotel civilian staff, probably about ten strong, are to be passed immediately to Rear Guard and we'll free them via the front door to add to the confusion in the street and hopefully delay the loyalist troops outside realising that what's going on is real.  Besides the hetmen and the staff the intel is that there should be nine other people there.  The primary target, his XO who's the secondary target, a bodyguard, two assistants, a propaganda officer, a comms NCO and two civilian representatives.  The two targets need to be bound behind their backs, gagged and hooded.  The other seven and anyone else who we come across needs to be bound and gagged and then left behind.  There's also a high chance that you'll find some comms gear on the bodyguard and the comms NCO obviously so grab that.  Remember that you Assault guys'll have Major Barnett and Mike following up immediately behind you so if you suffer any wounded or inflict and casualties then keep pushing on and they'll take care of them for you."

He then looked over to Roy and Mike.  "We only really have two targets so if there are other casualties try to stabilise them as this is supposed to be a bloodless operation."

Ortega then turned to Marshall.  "Marshall.  As I mentioned you don't come inside the hotel with the rest of us.  Your initial job is to steal the most useful looking vehicle that's parked outside the front of the Hotel and then drive it around to the rear and link up with the Exit Team.  There should be a period of confusion where the troops outside the front think we're the fake plotters so you need to exploit that opportunity.  The rest of Rear Guard will be just inside the Hotel set up to cover you and if it goes wrong then just get the hell out of there and inside the hotel.  I'll be setting up an LMG either side of the door to cover the street outside so we'll be able to get you out of there if necessary.

"Once all the prisoners are secure and the two targets have been separated Assault and Follow up will take them out of the rear of the hotel to where the Exit Team are waiting.  They will all get onto the truck and will then radio for the Rear Guard and Snipers to start withdrawing.  Sniper Team will get into Ferro's Toyota and try to link up with us on the way out of town to the Czech border.

"As Rear Guard withdraws we split into the other two vehicles.  In the Warburg 353 are Mientkiewicz driving, Sergeant Ostrowski and both Nowak.  Everyone else in the Tarpan Honker.  The truck and the Honker head straight out of town to the Czeck border and hopefully meet up with the Toyota.

"The men in the Warburg have a side trip to make.  On your way out of town you need to go via the Hospital to pick up another member of Oversergent Kolstrup's team called Tim Seeley.  We've discovered that he's in town and Lieutenant Wozniak has arranged for him to be transferred to the hospital.  Now the reason that it's important to pick up Seeley on the way out is that if this Op goes wrong then we're going to be making a run for it so we've got to grab him while we can.  For that reason I suggest that everyone pack their backpacks and leave them in the truck.  If it goes wrong we won't be coming back here to pick up your gear.  We'll also put the two GPMGs in the back of the truck in case we get stuck somewhere and need some extra firepower.

"Hopefully it will all go well though and all four vehicles will meet up with no problem and make it to the drop off point where we can dispose of the secondary target and deliver the primary."

He left it unsaid that the plan was for the Mad Dogs to split off after the Markgraf was delivered and meet up with Simon D'Arcy before heading for wherever Wright's plane was going to land and pick them up.

"Now two last things.  Firstly for this Op to have a chance of working we need to have a reorganisation of a couple of radios.  Billy, I need you to lend me your radio and Mike I need you to lend Sergeant Ostrowski yours."  Ortega had already had a quiet word with Fox about him lending his radio to Simon D'Arcy so that he could stay in contact with the Major.

"Secondly, we're going to institute some codewords in case anyone is listening in to our radio comms.  They are:" He fished out the piece of paper again before continuing.

"The Hotel the meeting is taking place in - The Bank

The Coup itself - The Heist

The Sniper Team's position - The Church

Wojska Street - Barbican

Ludwika Street - Keep

The Primary Target - Big Bird

The Secondary Target - Grouch

Major McCarthy - Praetorian Six

Lieutenant Wozniak - Praetorian Five

Oversergent Kolstrup - Scarecrow

Staff Sergeant Hollister - Tin Man

Ferro - Dorothy

Major Barnett - Angel

SFC Ortega - Linebacker

Sergeant Benucci - Tight End

Sergeant Ostrowski - Cornerback"

Ortega glanced around the room again, looking for signs of confusion on any faces and ready to explain anything that didn't make sense.

"OK, that's it so any questions?  Time to speak up."

Intel from Roman:

"This is a list of the following people expected tomorrow in the hotel, the Markgraf, Major Stranski... our two targets... one bodyguard, two assistants, one propaganda officer, one communications NCO, two civilian representatives, and six hetmen from the Eastern autonomous region... as well as approximately ten civilian hotel staff. The visitors will have six escorts, all upstairs and hungover at H-Hour, and unlikely to cause trouble if the hetmen are released quickly enough." Roman silently surveys the list and then reports, "So... thirty one people, mostly civilian."

Roman then continues, "The falsified intelligence fed to the Markgraf has succeeded in getting most of the two armored battalions, his best and most loyal troops, to deploy in the countryside chasing nonexistent rebels. One squadron from each is all that remains here in Raciborz of those two battalion. One will be setup in a loose perimeter near the hotel and the other in a reserve nearby. We need to be out and gone before the reserve mobilize and arrive."

"A Squadron, First Towarzysz Husarski will be manning the perimeter. They have two BRDM-2 armored cars and four soft skin transports. About forty men. The perimeter will be setup with an intentional opening for us to pass through... in order for the Markgraf's false coup to work. They will not interfere with us until they realize something is wrong. After that we can only guess their actions."

"B Squadron, Second Towarzysz Pancerny is the reserve, with two T-72 tanks, four BMP-1 armored personnel carriers, and about forty men. They will be in low readiness a few blocks away... and not likely to be a factor if we are quick."

"Troops from the 7th Infantry Battalion and the Foreign Legion are still in Raciborz, along with local support units, but they won't be a problem for us. There will be about a dozen police in the area of the hotel though... including some plainclothes officers mixed in the public."

The Silesian Lieutenant then passes around a yellow armband. "Keep these out of sight until we move tomorrow night." He then repeats once more, "Anyone not wearing yellow is a potential enemy. Anyone opposing us is the enemy."

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