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011200 SEPT 00
RR 88

Task Organization:
Elements 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry, 8th Infantry Division
Attachments [a] 4th Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
Attachments [b] Other

Primary Mission:
Recover mission item [Black Madonna].

Secondary Mission:
Proceed with any measures necessary to prevent enemy from taking possession of Black Madonna.

Tertiary Mission:
Recce Silesia area in order to develop regional situation assessment and identify targets of opportunity.

Situation General:
Silesia region heavily damaged and depopulated as a result of unrestricted convention and NBC warfare. No credible/accurate intelligence assessment available as of 15-12-97 [exception of Krakow and immediate area]. Current population estimates and dispositions unknown. Polish 14th MRD reported by US military intelligence to have gone rogue [unknown allegiance] - now acting as possible rival/competitor to neutral Free City of Krakow power base. Standby for possible update regarding POL 14MRD in 24-72 hours.

Situation Friendly:
No known friendly forces operating within area of operations at this time. Nearest friendly forces outside of AO is United States DIA assets in Krakow [intact/operational]. Scattered remnants of US 5th ID may exist near Kalisz [isolated/combat-ineffective]. No further information available at this time.

Situation Enemy:
No known enemy forces operating within area of operations at this time. Nearest enemy forces outside of AO is 4th Soviet Guards Tank Army [last known position Kalisz 16-07-00] and 3rd Soviet Shock Army [last known position Legnica 29-07-00]. Current dispositions, strengths, and activity is unknown at this time.

Phase 1 - Deploy to LZ [Popeye] and move to objective [Czestochowa]
Phase 2 - Secure mission item
Phase 3 - Move to LZ [TBC] for extraction

Concept of operations - unit will deploy from support station [Lazy Boy] via RAF CH-47 helicopter transport to LZ [Popeye] 32km NNW of Czestochowa. Unit will then move to objective using own means, infiltrate the city, locate the Jasna Góra Monastery, and recovery the Black Madonna. Unit will then transport and protect the Black Madonna until it can be safely extracted at a LZ yet to be determined. Further adjustment to mission parameters expected as new information is acquired.

Service And Support:
[a] RAF Ch-47 helicopter for insertion
[b] OP "Midnight Express" DC-3 fixed wing aircraft for extraction
[c] Intelligence updates (when available) via radio communications
[d] Material support (issued)
[e] Civilian subject matter expert to verify authenticity of Black Madonna

Command And Signals:
[a] Conduct radio checks every 24 hours at 2200hrs to send progress report and receive mission instructions and intelligence updates.
[b] Extraction details TBC.

     If you are now reading this sentence, then you should be reading it in my, Vincent Wright's, voice. Good luck comrades.


Additional Information

ANNEX A (Maps)

ANNEX B (Organizations and persons of interest)

Major General Julian Filipowicz - last known commander of Polish 14th Motor Rifle Division

ANNEX C (Places of interest)

Krakow - is widely known to be an independent city and was the inspiration for Gdansk to free itself from the oppressive demands of Malbork (seat of Polish government in northern Poland). Trade goods occasionally even reach the Baltic coast via the Vitula and other reemerging trade routes. The city is has an functioning industrial base, including arms production, but little else is known about its economy or source of raw materials. Certainly some coal must be imported from the resource rich province however.

Due to its surviving population base and sympathetic army units based there (namely the former Polish 8th Motor Rifle Division) Krakow is believed to have a sizable defense force. It is unknown how far their direct military influence extends beyond the city limits however. Also unknown at this time, is Krakow's ambitions, but it is rumored that both NATO and Pact troops are welcome in the city under certain conditions. As a result of its growing strategic value, it can be assumed that both Western and Eastern intelligence agencies are currently present and operating in Krakow.

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