Information on Medical Supply Usage

Basically PMKs are synonymous with field dressings. I've tried to steer away from "PMK" in the game as much as possible and use the following with the medic:

Field Dressing (prewar & post war)
First Aid Supplies
Doctors Kit (or Trauma kit)

- Prewar field dressing come in a sealed package and are waterproof (so they are and remain sterile), and using them in the game will prevent infection. It's a thick wad of gauze to stem bleeding and there's a strip of bandage to help hold it in place or make a sling out of. Anything listed as a PMK is considered prewar.

- The postwar field dressings are just a wad of gauze (at best) or ripped up sheets or whatever, folded and made into ad hoc bandages. It starts sterilized but that may not last and it doesn't necessarily prevent infection either. It plugs holes.

Field dressings are used for SERIOUS and CRITICAL wounds. For wounds that are CRITICAL, more than one dressing may be necessary.

- First aid supplies is just a very simplified ID for a "unit" of band aids, stitches or sutures, a small roll of gauze, a padded bandage, something to help prevent infection, and other minor stuff. It's a single use set that gets used up all in one go regardless of how it's used.

First aid supplies are used for SCRATCH and SLIGHT wounds. They may be also used in conjunction with field dressings for SERIOUS and CRITICAL wounds.

- Doctors Kit (or Trauma kit) used for stabilizing causalities and minor surgery. Contains above items and more.

There's no set amount of medical supplies that apply to a wound category. Each time is different and depends on the wound description and (probably most important) the medic's skill check. For example, if the medic rolls outstanding success, the applied bonus may be that only half of the supplies are needed. And the opposite works... a bad roll may required (waste) more supplies than necessary.

Pain levels:

Mild Pain Reliever is required for level 1 pain.
Strong Pain Reliever is required for level 2 pain.
Anything higher than level 2 requires a sedative or similar.

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