Lukas Fischer was still a strong, healthy, and more graceful than most, despite his internal misgivings about being on the downslope of his physical peak.  Clad in Bundeswehr Flecktarn fatigues, Fischer's olive drab epaulet loops were embroidered with just about as much black stitching as could be physically put on them.  Those who could read Heer rank insignia understood that the chevrons translated to the rank of Oberstabsfeldwebel.  Unlike most of his colleagues, Lukas wore his LBE, which in addition to the standard magazine, canteen, and utility pouches, also carried the distinctive dark brown leather holster of the Makarov series of pistols.  A folded stock AK with grenade launcher was slung across his back, magazine removed as per the rules of the island.  While Lukas had a beret, he very rarely wore it, preferring the standard field cap instead.

Rank: Oberstabsfeldwebel

Status: Alive

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