John Jameson McCarthy the 4th. John comes from a long line of Army Officers, JJ McCarthy the First cut his teeth in the First World War and spent years howling in the wilderness trying to get the Inter War army to take tanks seriously. His son, JJ2 died as a Full Bird Colonel and Medal of Honour winner on the beach at Omaha. JJ3 started as a butterbar in Korea and commander a Cav Battalion in Vietnam. His first male child, John has four sisters, JJ4 followed his forebears into the VMI in 1988. He graduated in 1992 with a Degree in Engineering and a position in the Cavalry Scouts of the 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry, part of the 8-Ball Division. He spent several years working on peace keeping missions in the Yugoslavian splinter states and when the war began, he was given his own troop in the squadron and by 2000 he had worked his way up to Squadron Commander, by this time, the squadron was 3 Bradleys, several Hum-Vees and a few trucks so it was hardly a cherry job.

Rank: Major

Status: Alive

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