In game description of the port town of Hel

As they get closer to the civilian village, which is still out of view, there's noticeably less damage to the base. A sports hall, marine technical workshop, mess hall, and a small hospital are all intact, minus their windows and some parts of their rooftops. There are trees here, making the actual naval base itself a contender for a possible logging site, but the work would be spread and directly adjacent to the village. The wood and the infrastructure is here, but security would be likely be a concern. Several stumps suggest the location has been used to fell trees before.

Upon entering the northwester quarter of the small village, the patrol notes the lack of damage. Doors are ajar and windows smashed, and rubbish is scattered across the streets and yards, but aside from one or two homes consumed by fire the community is intact. There are several inns, owing to the peninsula being a popular holiday destination in prewar times. There is also a tiny library, school, and a looted grocery. From the beach, the patrol can see the second sheltered harbor to the south, with the first being the naval yard and this one the civilian fishing port. It looks deserted. The southern portion of Hel contains larger buildings, mostly apartments and a few commercial fish plants.

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