Halina Nowak is/was the Captain of the Fishermans League ship, the Arcadia. She was first encountered when the Mad Dogs went to Hel Peninsula on the logging expedition, where she and her ship worked with Valeskas Barge to ensure the trip back to Gdansk was safe. She later worked with the Mad Dogs during the raid at The Twins, where she and her ship chased after the Pirate Submarine as it pulled away. She has not been seen since, along with a number of other Fishermans League ships and captains. There is speculation that she may have secured the submarine and is planning a coup against existing Fishermans League leadership. If true, based on the number of vessels missing (or defected), it can be estimated that she has the support of at least a third of the League. Nowak is a heavy smoker and the only known female Captain in the League.

Loyalty: Unknown
Where Found: Unknown
Disposition: Neutral/Cooperative, or at least she was.
Last Known Status: Alive

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