Experience points will be awarded after each significant event (usually but not exclusively combat sessions). These points may be use to increase both skills and initiative. Additionally, bonus points will be awarded sparingly to PCs who accomplish notable feats or from exceptional role-playing.

A small number of NPCs will accompany the PCs at the beginning of the game. This may be to help flesh out and act as extras for the story, and to help assist with getting the party started off. They will have minimal impact on the game, and at no time will I attempt to lead the party through the NPCs.

To maintain the feel for danger, realism, and to keep the players sharp, death may occur to your PC. If this happens, I would hope the players can accept it, and carry on with a new character. I will never strike down an active PC “on purpose.” I don’t ever get any sense of achievement by killing off PCs. What I mean is… for as much as possible, enemy actions, determining hits and damage, etc. will all be determined via the “Dice Roller.” If at any time you want to know the behind the scenes’ details of an event - just PM me. Keep in mind though… as the book states, the GM has the final say. Please respect that.

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