Fuel Depot
Securing a large amount of Diesel was one of the primary objectives for the Mad Dogs during the onset of winter. From Walter Krupp, the group learned of the existence of a large fuel depot north of Lecze. The unit drove across Northern Poland, encountering many challenges and much loss of personnel along the way. The mission to recover the diesel from the fuel depot spanned 3 entire chapters of in-game content.

In-game description of the Fuel Depot
Turning right at the fork, the northeast road leads the vehicles out of the village. Exiting Łęcze seems premature, on account of the last several houses being nothing more than burned foundations. In almost no time you're back in open country, with the only cover adjacent to the road being the odd tree or two. The inhabited mill, now at a southeast bearing, quickly becomes visible to all, though it appears lifeless now that the improvised chimney has ceased venting smoke. While the column rumbles on, driving parallel to the hillside defensive position above, the ground is flat. It stays this way for nearly half a kilometer, until the road turns north and the ground starts to slope upwards. Over the drone of engines, Tenza's rig stands apart from the rest, with the motor roaring loudly and then changing in pitch as gears are shifted. Ahead, the scorched treeline, or what's left of it, looms closer. Even after three years the forest has recovered very little, leaving it dead and sickly grey in appearance.

Still ascending up the hill, observers start to notice cart trails branching off and fading into the scraggly forest. Another M113 wreck is visible, sitting in the middle of one such trail. The .50cal is still mounted, though no doubt useless from years of exposure to the elements. Bunkers and trenches are spotted as well, some flooded or collapsed, but most still usable to some degree. A burned out MAN KAT1 heavy truck then meets the column next. It blocks the road ahead though Kaminski's voice breaks over the airwaves from the rear of the column, directing the convoy to leave the hardtop and break into the forest on the next cart trail.

The vehicles bounce and sway as they very slowly negotiate the rugged trail set upon the uneven hilltop. Through the breaks in the trees you see more bunkers ahead as well as unnatural mounds of packed dirt. This is the fuel dump, located 200m off the road and hidden in the trees. The cart trail is shaped like a crescent, circling back around and linking up with the road again. Each mound conceals a large 5000L tank, which is set down into a hollowed out bed one or two meters deep, and then covered over with the excavated topsoil - which has hardened over the years. There are twelve such tanks. Between each pair of tanks is a space for either a pump and generator, or another fuel truck which has it's own internal pump. All of the pumping equipment appears to have been removed or destroyed in place by the Germans before their hasty withdraw. For whatever reason though, the fuel tanks have been spared the same demolition.

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