Time - 26 July, 2001 Appx. 2330 Hrs.
Location - Near presumed MSR connecting Gdansk and Tczew
Hostile Combatants - Presumed elements of 12th Polish Cavalry Division or 1st Polish Army 2nd line support forces.

Friendly Casualties - None
Friendly Material Losses - None
Enemy Casualties - 3 KIA, 3 PW (2 WIA)
Enemy Material Losses - 1 B-11 Recoilless Rifle
Ammo Consumption - Limited hand grenades and small arms

Prior to a night move, Fox and Weiss were deployed as a scouting patrol to reconnoiter the route ahead of the main body. At dusk, situated on a vantage point, a concrete bunker was spotted. It was assumed to be an outpost maintaining security and communications connecting the port of Gdansk with a the southern garrison of Tczew. The decision and preparations were made to assault and seize the fortified outpost to capture enemy goods (primarily food).

With the snipers in over watch, an assault group of McCarthy, Meyer, Handley, and Varis approached from the flank. The vehicles and the remainder served as a reserve, concealed some distance away under the command of Jagelis. Before the assault could begin, an enemy soldier nearly stumbled on the sniper's hide. He was subdued quietly by Weiss.

As the assaulters made the final approach to the bunker they were spotted by a sentry. As he gave the alarm he was shot and eliminated by Varis. Wasting no time the remaining three rushed the outpost and began a confusing and frantic grenade assault. The defenders, caught by surprise were unable to repulse the attack and were overwhelmed by the grenade barrage. The survivors opted to surrender.

Conclusion - The party seized the outpost, quickly and without losses in men, material or ammunition. The captured provisions included munitions and much needed food. Despite the capture of prisoners, no useful intelligence was gained.

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