Emma Cassidy

Cassidy is Irishwoman, late twenties, who'd become a registered nurse only a year before fighting broke out in China. She's spent time in Africa with Médecins Sans Frontières. As the war shifted towards Europe and turned nuclear, Cassidy volunteered with a Swedish flagged mercy ship, delivering aid in quiet corners of the Baltic and providing medical services. After the ship struck a mine in Gdansk bay and the crew/staff were marooned there, she's been in Gdansk region ever since. Cassidy (and a guide) were traveling to Katy Rybackie which was suffering from a viral outbreak when she fled bandits near Stegna, only to be picked up and detained by Polish troops. The Mad Dogs forcefully released Emma from custody in Rybina. She has since participated along with the Mad Dogs in the rally for Lukasz Piszczek and the raid on The Twins.

Loyalty: Marian Faction

Where Found: Gdansk (St.Mary's)

Disposition: Cooperative

Last known status: Alive

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