For combat sessions, please utilize the following format…

Combat will be centered on standard 5 second turns. Post your narrative which includes the initial action your player will take and a subsequent/concurrent action you intend to conduct. Try to keep your PC’s actions limited to the set timeframe. Depending on the action(s) I will determine if they will need to be played out over more than one 5 second turn, during the GMs action resolution post. For ease of understanding, please add a very brief synopsis at the end.
Your name
Where you are located
What you are using (if it is a weapon… how many rounds are loaded before firing)
What you are doing


With the scouts caught in the ambush, Smith dives for cover and quickly gets into a prone position on the soggy ground (Initial Action). Catching sight of the muzzle flashes from the unknown enemy amongst the thick treeline, he’ll bring his M16 to bear and fire five rounds on semi-automatic (Subsequent Action).
Sergeant Smith
Scout team near the treeline
M16A2 (30/30 rounds)
Going Prone/Firing semi-auto 5 rounds at muzzle flashes

Please be as precise as possible when indicating how many shots/bursts you are firing at which target. Otherwise I will have to make a guess.

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