Infantry from Virginia. The outsider carried an M16A2 and PM-84 SMG, both slung.  The rest of his gear was a mix of US and Polish issued equipment as well, including Wz. 89 fatigues, and American OD webbing, ALICE rucksack, and PASGT vest and helmet.

"Nice morning for a bonfire," he said in American accented English, motioning toward the column of smoke that reached into the sky from the still smoldering house to the east.  "Thanks for that.  I don't think it's going to keep this town for getting smoked, but it's good to see the Reds take one on the chin," he added with an approving nod.  The more the newcomer spoke, the more the American's among the group could tell that he was from the South, though not the Deep-South.

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