I will be using V2.2 rules, with some very slight house-rule modifications (they will be few and I doubt you will notice them). Please use the basic rules for character generation.  I don’t mind allowing PC’s of any nationality or military background… As long as you can provide a realistic and acceptable background story for as to why they would be with the US 8th Mechanize Division at that time. I’m not talking about your typical infantry soldier… but something very unconventional.

Please PM me the concept PC you would like to play. Include a very simple summary of their background history, nationality, years of service, and branch of service. If approved, you may begin complete character generation. Once I have the finished product, we will set up your ‘Character Details’ page.

To help reflect the lessons learned during the PC’s time in war, a number of additional skill points will be allocated at the start of play. Some will be skill specific based on the PC’s background and others will be free to be distributed however you wish. This is a onetime issue of points that must be spent before your gaming begins.

Regarding personal equipment, once again PM me the list of items you would like to start out with. I expect to approve the vast majority of the gear that is listed in the rulebook. For realism and the misfortunes of war however, some rare/valuable items may be limited. These will be issued on a first come first served basis.

Any vehicles and party gear will be allocated once I have an number of initial players. There will be one each for every 4 members) - wear values will be determined after issue.

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