In Game description of Brukniewo:
The walk takes them across open countryside then along an unpaved road that cuts through the forest. After four kilometers the woods open up again to open country and the woman turns and motions to a small cluster of houses and farm buildings in the distance. "Brukniewo." she informs everyone, though the name of the tiny community means little as it's obviously too small to be on their aviation map. One the plus side, the pace was slow but you've arrived half an hour sooner then it was expected to take. You're just over six kilometers away from the Mad Dogs' camp. Continuing on the unpaved road, the group eventually turns onto a muddy lane that leads to old homestead, paired with a small barn that looks like it's about to topple over any day now. Since leaving the forest you've been completely exposed for the last six hundred meters, but it's the walk up the lane leaves you really feeling vulnerable.

Your guide stops in front of the house and calls out. There's no response from within but Frank notices the slight hint of curtains moving. There isn't much in the yard, except for a wheelbarrow, a cart, some split firewood, and a pile of rusty sheet metal that looks like it was salvaged from one of the trench positions. After a moment of waiting, the door swings open, jingling a set of bells, and an old grey haired woman dressed in a head scarf and black dress steps out onto the porch, confidently brandishing a double barrel shotgun. For someone her age to have survived through the hardships in Poland she gives off the exact impression you would expect - a hearty and a self sufficient person toughened up by a regime of chores and hard work. She's also old enough to have seen through the horrors of the Nazi occupation the last time Poland was dragged through hell.

Notable NPCs at this location:
Carlos Jimenez

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