The Aufhocker (German for "shape-shifter") was a man that the German BND wanted to retrieve from the coastal town of Tolkmicko. He was former intelligence for the East Germans, but had defected and allegedly had information that would greatly assist post-war Germany. Michael Kessler, Sabine Riedel, Lukas Fischer, and Karel Janku, along with their fallen comrades, had originally been tasked with retrieving the Aufhocker, which is why they accompanied the Mad Dogs on the mission to the Fuel Depot in the first place.

Later, after retrieving Aufhocker, Sabine Riedel believed she had remembered the Aufhocker as a man who had tortured her and her lover in East Germany, and shot him dead in Burant's Partisan Camp, thus prematurely ending the team's mission.
Loyalty: Unknown

Where Found: A grave near Burant's Partisan Camp

Disposition: Unknown

Last Known Status: KIA

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