Time - 27 July, 2001 Appx. 0530 Hrs.
Location - West bank of Vistula River (4km from Blotnik, Poland)
Hostile Combatants - Unknown Soviet motor rifle unit

Friendly Casualties - 1 KIA (Creswick), 2 WIA (Handley/Boswell)
Friendly Material Losses - 1000L trailer
Enemy Casualties - Approx 25 KIA, 1 PW (WIA)
Enemy Material Losses - 2 BMP-2 AIFVs, 1 light riverine patrol boat
Ammo Consumption - 65x 25mm, 100x .50cal, limited small arms and grenades

Arriving before dawn, the group was to meet for an arranged linkup with two US Army stragglers (Doyle / Friedmann). The pair were traveling north on the Vistula by way of a hired (river) pimp. As the meeting was in progress an enemy force initiated contact with small arms and mortar fire. One of the group's number (Creswick) fell in the first shots by what was believe to be sniper fire.

Using a treeline several hundred meters away the enemy position consisted of one rifle squad and two medium machine gun teams. The group reacted by beginning an impromptu counterattack (making active use of their armor assets). Grenade launchers had a recurring role as a major part of the groups firepower usage.

The counterattack underway, the mortars began hitting with two purposes in mind. One to inflict casualties and suppress the dismounted infantry. Two, to create smoke cover for their flanking assault forces. As the smoke cover was building Major McCarthy correctly assumed the reason and decided to split his forces to deal with both enemy formations. As his Bradley entered the smoke it nearly ran head on with 2 BMP-2s.

The Bradley engaged the enemy armor using its 25mm. Initial attempts to knock out the BMPs resulted in a series of missed automatic fire. When the gunner (St.Gil) switched to a slower rate he quickly neutralized the lead vehicle. Using the enemy's smoke cover the BMPs were unable to respond against the Bradley team with accurate fire. They deployed their dismount force and continued the attack. By the time the enemy group had found the Bradley, the remaining vehicle had been destroyed. The dismount's attempt to assault and swarm the Bradley to knock it out with mines and explosives failed.

The enemy also utilized an ex-civilian motorboat pressed into military service. However, before it could employ its weaponry (AGS-30), it was taken out of action by sniper and GPMG fire. The craft was beached unintentionally on the far side of the river. At least one crewman survived.

During this time the group's dismounted elements, supported by the M113 continued to close in on the southern position. Handley and Boswell became minor casualties at this time from enemy (small arms / mortar ) fire. Despite the enemy's advantage of firing from protective positions, the group was able to successfully win the firefight with superior firepower. They finished off the remaining enemy in close combat. One surviving (wounded) soldier was captured while 2-6 were estimated to have fled.

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