Changing the world starts with Dreams.
Along the border of the Fate-Scar, a string of Kithain keeps look out over the twisted geography of the southern border of the United States. These freehold-fortresses house battle-hardened warriors, who frequently switch between defending their kin from rapacious fate-burnt nightmares which emerge from the Fate-Scar and conducting suicide missions into the heart of the chaos in attempts to stem it at its source.

The southern Kingdoms have all united against this threat with Willows offering some of its greatest sorcerers, and Pacifica its greatest treasures of war. One of the better-kept secrets is this alliance is the power that allows the kingdoms to keep the dream spun nightmares from slipping over their borders between the Kithain fortress-freeholds and completely overrunning the county.

Each fortress along the border houses a powerful ward stone, forged in the hectic days following the close of the Accordance War. These ward stones are the keys to the survival of the different counties. Legend says that these powerful wardstones were once linked together through a treasure that was formed from the rarified life-blood of sidhe sacrifice. Reality seems to support this for each of the five ward stones has vast and terrifying powers and some would say a sliver of a personality from the souls of sacrificed sidhe.

The lynchpin of the ward stones' power lies within the mighty grip of the leylines and within the powerful freehold, Joyous Guard which is under the rulership of Baroness is protected by the mysterious Eventide Society of House Scathach. Within this bastion of Kithain power lies the five “tuning keys” which focus the resonance of the freeholds through the power of Joyous Guard’s balefire which can be focused into a powerful weapon against the standing armies of the nightmare kin. For this reason, Joyous Guard is the key to the defense of the entire border. As long as it stands, the south is safe from the marauding hordes.

But should it ever fall, the allied kingdoms and perhaps even all of Concordia will be doomed...

Important Figures