Interpretations of rules, house rules, and additional tables will be found in this wiki.

Aliensreferencing "Other Options", only those options that fall within the available source books are allowed
Bionicsmay use cybernetics from Ninjas & Superspies
Experimenthouse rule applies
Hardwaremay use gizmos from Ninjas & Superspies, or substitute a Gizmoteer OCC
Magic: Enchanted Weapon or Objecthouse rule applies
Magic: Mystic Studymay choose any of the Psychic Character Classes from Mystic China instead
choosing a PCC from Mystic China will allow the character to begin at 3rd level
Mutantshouse rule applies
Mutant Animalsif "adopted by a mentor" may use Hand to Hand: Ninjitsu from Ninjas & Superspies),
also house rule applies
Special Training: Ancient Master
    has several options
  1. can follow the original write-up in Heroes Unlimitied 2 Revised
  2. can choose to be a "Dedicated Martial Artist" as the book indicates,
    if this choice is made the character starts at level six and martial
    arts can be chosen from Ninjas & Superspies and/or Mystic China
  3. can choose to use the "Seasoned Adventurer" house rule as listed in this thread
Special Training: Hunter/Vigilantecan use gizmos from Ninjas & Superspies as indicated, also house rule applies
Special Training: The Secret Operativecan use gizmos from Ninjas & Superspies or choose one of the Espionage Agent OCCs from
Ninjas & Superspies and use equipment from either book
Special Training: The Stage Magiciancan use gizmos from Ninjas & Superspies as indicated, also house rule applies
Special Training: The Super Sleuthcan use gizmos from Ninjas & Superspies as indicated, also house rule applies
house rulecharacters subject to this rule may trade one skill program or eight secondary skills to add
a non-exclusive martial art form from Ninjas & Superspies or Mystic China, no academic
bonuses apply

    Character Creation
    • The Eight Attributes
    • Use the dice link eight times for characteristics.
    • dice link rolls 5 six-sided dice, re-rolling ones
    • each characteristic is considered to be the three highest dice roll if they add up to be within twelve to fifteen, if the sum of the three highest dice is over fifteen, use the four highest dice for the characteristic, if four of the dice rolled six, sum all five dice for the characteristic
    • The Spinal Tap rule is in effect, any characteristic less than eleven immediately becomes eleven. These go to eleven.
    • Hit Points & SDC
    • at first level, the hit point die roll will be assumed to be a six
    • at the end of character creation (after skills are applied), characters with an SDC of less than forty will raise their SDC to forty
    • Determining Super Abilities
    • you may choose your character's Power Category, or use the following dice link
    • the dice link rolls and records two ten-sided dice
    • there will be two digits recorded, you decide which is the tens digit
    • if you choose the Power Category, you must roll for Education & Skills
    • Determining Education & Skills
    • if you rolled a random power category, you may choose the character's education level
    • to roll a character's education level, use the following dice link
    • the dice link rolls and records two ten-sided dice
    • there will be two digits recorded, you decide which is the tens digit
    • Picking an Alignment
    • Characters can be Principled, Scrupulous, or Unprincipled
    • Rounding Out Ones Character
    • Aliens, Bionics, Robotics, Hardware, and Special Training provide resources for characters in those categories
    • other categories accept what is in the Money and Equipment portion of the book (page 24)
    • The Optional Rules on page 25 of the rulebook are optional, and characters may choose from those lists instead of rolling
    • further choices and random selections
    • within each Power Category, decisions during character creation are one of three types
      randombook indicates a dice roll on a table decides
      optionalbook indicates to pick or roll on a table
      choicebook indicates the player picks from a list for the character
    • as character creation progresses, all random decisions can become optional decisions if the next optional decision to be made becomes random
    • examples below

    Robotics category
    • Determining Budget
    • Bob the Builder chooses $15.5 million instead of rolling (random decision made optional)
    • Selecting Robot Intelligence is a choice
    • Bob chooses a sophisticated AI
    • Selecting a Robot Body is a choice
    • Bob goes with Type 4: Android
    • AI Programming is a choice
    • there is an option to roll for the Optional Personality Program, but having turned the budget decision from random to optional, this choice becomes a random roll automatically, Bob rolls 59, and is forced to play his android as C3PO
    • Background Data
    • Sponsoring Organization is a random roll, but Bob chooses to make this a choice and selects a Secret Organization
    • forced to roll for the motive of the organization, Bob rolls  48 and must define the sponsoring organization as Criminal
    • Status with Sponsoring Organization is chosen as Runaway so Bob's android can be hunted by the Criminal Organization
    • Bob must roll for the Quality of the Robot, fortunately he rolls 72, and so has only a 01-03% chance of malfunction

    • The Nature of the Experiment
    • Bob the Builder decides not to make a choice till it's important, and rolls a 63 "Chemical and radiation combined"
    • Supersoldier
    • Bob decides he wants to avoid the random elements and make a Supersoldier so he skips table B and C
    • Side Effects
    • Bob chooses a Physical Transformation as a side effect, then has to roll on the odd skin pigmentation table and gets 43 which he decides is Bluish White
    • The Sponsoring Organization
    • Bob chooses to roll this and get 60 Military, which was what he was going to choose, anyway
    • Status with Sponsoring Organization
    • figuring the dice have been good, so far, Bob rolls and gets 06 allowed to leave on very good terms
    • Determining Supersoldier Abilities
    • Bob decides he wants to choose the Minor Super Ability and goes for Healing Factor
    • Bob must roll on the Supersoldier Ability Table and gets 55 Brain Boost
    • Bob decides to roll for the second ability and save his choice, he gets 18 Attempted to make the character invulnerable.
    • Bob chooses his third supersoldier ability to be Attempted to Increase Physical Agility and Dexterity