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Planet Easter Egg is a custom campaign setting of my own devising for the D&D 3.5 system. The world is built around the assumption that the only sentient species is a racially diverse group of anthropomorphic animals, think Disney’s Robin Hood from back in the day.

In it's most recent rendition I've converted the system to a modified version of Mutants and Masterminds with several character creation guidelines. I've done this to allow for characters to be focused in multiple ways both mechanically and narrativly. Since all races on the Egg are not created equally I felt like I needed a system that could allow for your run of the mill tiger to be distinct from a weaker animal like a rabbit, Level Adjustment and Race points could handle the issue but they didn't reach the granularity I wanted. In addition any powers that would normally be attributed to classes or magic are simply better balanced against each other when they are build in a system that is colorblind to the martial/magic distinction.

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