Zaan, the steward's assistant

Acutus, head page

Gerroldivus (Gerro), young page who has befriended Urvan.

Talaiporía:  Another page.  Pointed out Urvan to Erastoo and Gratham.

Lady Stilwell, the Master of Hounds:  tall and very lean, and wears a crisp, dark outfit with a Lexagenol tabard.

Radgel:  Lady Stilwell's son, who works with her in taking care of the hounds.

Carm:  Soldier who came to visit the Stilwell home.

Madam Sevempto:  Nice, older woman who gave significant help to Urvan after he delivered to her a message from her gentleman friend.

Gratham:  priest of Hera who is permanently in the palace.  Assaulted Gerro when the boy saw him forcing himself on a serving girl.

Veronique: The serving girl, to be sure, to be sure.

Missus Whaite, head of the chambermaids

Caiaphas:  Soldier that Urvan fought, then befriended.

Ippéas: Stableboy who arrived at the palace about the same time as Urvan.  (Vaguely Australian accent)