Rheams:  Ashander Rheam, a.k.a. Duke Epirus, is the primary antagonist to the Lexagonols, though it remains well short of civil war.  His lands are the most fertile and productive in the queendom, and many of the lords would flock to his banner if it were raised.  After all, they know what would happen if they were suddenly cut off from the Epirus food supply.

The Rheam family is has held the very fertile land of Epirus for a dozen generations.

Ashander Rheam: He has held the office of Duke Epirus for 18 years.  He has great skills, honed by lots of experience, both in governance and in politics.  He has been openly critical of the ruling family and their policies, though he has been clear that he does not advocate open rebellion.

The poeple of Epirus are very loyal to their Duke, since he has brought prosperity through his policies.  The Roads are well-maintained and kept reasonably free of bandits; he has instituted mandatory education in animal husbandry and crop rotation for all lesser nobles, and made the same education available to everyone.  Consequently, many of the problems that haunt the other duchies, crop failures and diseases ravaging the farm animals, have been minimized in Epirus.  The land is a significant exporter of food; it has been speculated that the other duchies would fall into chaos if the borders of Epirus were closed.

Lady Dearest Rheam:  Ashander's wife of 27 years.  Her unusual name would probably cause one to imagine a shrinking violet who meekly dotes on her husband.  This could not be further from the truth: She is sharp-spoken woman who rules Castle Moresby with an firm hand.  She is, however, fiercely loyal to house Rheam and would never cause it any public embarrassment.  It is she who handles the details of hushing up any problems caused by their son, Barton.

Dearest's two cats are a large older (15 years) tom named Gatópardos and a 5-year-old queen named Kompsótita.

Barton Ashensen Rheam:  Ashander's eldest son.  The 27-year-old child cares more for drinking and debauchery than worrying about policies, politics, or anything else that has to do with the realm.  His sexual exploits are legendary; he has six confirmed bastards and the number is almost certainly closer to 20.

Spymaster Idalaiz Rheams: Ashander's aunt.  She was the much-younger half-sister of Ashander's father, and is only a few years older than Ashander himself.  She was married to Bierdav Mokinson, Earl of Phocis, for several years but never had any children.  When Bierdav died, she inherited some significant wealth but the land and the title went to Cara Mokinsda, Bierdav's younger sister.  She since moved back into Castle Moresby under the protection of her nephew.  Out of respect she is still called Lady Phocis, even though she waves it off as improper.