Sloane Firm: Case Files

Manning v. Betazoid Pharma

Client: Betazoid Phrama

People Involved

    CEO - Approached Richard regarding taking the case.  Met at a country club.
    Leonard McKinley - Works for Betazoid Pharma
    Dr Natalie Manning, lead plaintiff, ER Pediatrician, widow (husband Jeff, killed while serving in the military), mother (son Owen who displays the defects in question).
    Dr. Arthur Lee - Recent (August 13th) study in New England Journal and Medicine, potential witness for the prosecution.
    Dr. Charles Dornberger - Obstetrician, potential expert witness for the defense.  Family friend of Taylor Lockwood.  Lives in Pennsylvania.  Worked at Three Counties Hospital in Burlington.  Degree from Harvard.  Past President of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.  Late sixties.  A touch of Parkinson's. Fondness for a good cigar.
    Jim Murphy - Biochemist, researching steroid production in pregnant women, potential witness for the defense.

Other Details

    27% increase in abnormalities, increased chance of miscarriage related to steroid spikes.

City of New York v. Vincent Zanetti

Client: Vanessa Zanetti (on behalf of Vincent Zanetti)

People Involved

    Carmine Vanetti - Head of the Zanetti Family
    Vincent Zanetti - Only son.  Shot a police officer during a sting operation.  May have also shot a low level criminal from Chicago.  Out on bail.

Other Details

    It is believed there is no video footage.
    Suggested the defense should find a dirty cop with ties to Zanetti family to help with entrapment case.
    Other 'family' members present at the time of the shooting and able to take the blame.
    Vince Zanetti has asked Nicolet Vance to follow his sister Vanessa Zanetti.  Nicolet Vance has told Jason Walls (unspecifically) and Nate Sloane (specifically) about the request.

The Zanetti Case -- according to Vanessa Zanetti

A drug deal has gone bad. It was a sting operation. Vince Zanetti was personally involved and managed to get caught in a sting. We believe Vince actually shot a cop too, though it was chaotic, and they didn't get a clear view of who actually shot at the officer

The cops may or may not have bodycams, and there will probably be some wiggle room.

the warehouse the deal took place next to is home to one of our more profitable drug ventures, the police didn't manage to find it, because we have the lab hidden in a backroom, but claiming ownership of the warehouse might make them look more closely and be more trouble than its worth

as for evidence, apart from him being caught at the scene of the sting and the shooting, there is none, the family owns the warehouse, and I've long since made sure that any nearby cameras were shifted away from the warehouse or hacked into and made the footage loop.

Vanessa has a couple of boys who got hired as court clerks to make sure that nothing comes back on the family, if there is anything that comes into the hands of the prosecutors, she will make sure its scrubbed anyway

The main problem is that that he got caught at all, the courts know who he is, it's hard not to in these parts, so they will most likely try their damndest to get him on anything, just because it's so hard to get him in front of a court in the first place

Hurlington v. Hurlington

Client: Jason Hurlington

People Involved

    Jason Hurlington - Notorious skirt chaser, recently involved with a young blonde woman, currently missing.
    Mrs. Hurlington - Wife.  Unwilling to settle.

Other Details

    Jack and Natalie Waters considered contacting a private investigator named "Deems" to get dirt on the wife.

Blaze v. Blaze

Client: The soon to be Ms. Blaze

People Involved

    Mr. Blaze -
    Mrs. Blaze - Soon to be Ms.

Other Details

    Details finalized in Seattle by Nate Sloane and Vanessa Redwood.

The Disappearance of Jack Sloane

Client: N/A

People Involved

    Jack Sloane - Eldest son of Richard Sloane, known drug user, known womanizer.
    Nate Sloane - Youngest son of Richard Sloane, knows Jack has been missing, has asked Nicolet Vance to look into what happened.
    Nicolet Vance - Friend of Jack and Nate Sloane, contacted on Saturday, August 14th by Richard Sloane with concerns about Jack, knows Jack is missing.
    Anna Sloane - Sister, informed of concerns on Saturday, August 14th by Richard Sloane, doesn't know Jack is missing.
    Richard Sloane - Father, grew concerned about Jack on Friday, August 13th, attempted to hire Nicolet Vance on Saturday, August 14th, doesn't know Jack is missing.
    Alexandra Hawthorne - PA to Nate Sloane, suspects Jack was plotting against her new boss.

Other Details

    Last seen leaving Sinclair Gallery on Friday, August 13th in the company of Jason Walls.
    Jack was assigned to Hurlington v. Hurlington and Manning v. Betazoid Phrama.
    Is his assigned paralegal Natalie Waters also missing?
    May have gambling debts with the Zanetti crime family.