Organizations are found all over the world and range from independent groups of like minded people to continent spanning governments and their constituent agencies. People can belong to multiple Organizations at the same time and, theoretically, there is no limit to the number of organizations you can belong to.

There are a number of benefits to joining an organization, most of them come in the form of Perks you gain for free when joining the group. However, these Perks may only be employed while operating with the organizations blessing (The official cover Alias the CIA created for you isn't going to work if you go off-mission or start poking around somewhere you shouldn't be). Some organizations, such as secret ones, may have additional Perks that can be used under specific circumstances or by gaining Status within the organization.

These are mostly story-based expectations. An Organization may expect you to perform a job or go on a particular endeavor. The consequences of refusing or failing to do as the organization asks can vary wildly. A small horticultural group might be disappointed, while a ruthless terrorist organization will likely kill you. Either way, repeated refusal or failure will likely result in the character being removed from the group (in whatever form that looks like), and thus permanently losing access to the Perks granted by membership.
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Affiliation: National (United States); Covert Operations and Investigation
Perks: Alias (One officially sanctioned cover ID), Contacts (Handler), Safe House, Security Clearance (Level 1)
Occasional Perk(s): Law-Enforcement Powers (International) - Some times the CIA persue's overt operations and investigations, in which case their officers enjoy this Perk. Covert operatives never gain this Perk.

Receiving a "Burn Notice" - Spies don't get fired, they get burned. Since the training and knowledge a spy possesses cannot be taken away from him he is instead blacklisted, his bank accounts and credit cards are frozen, and he has no protection from prosecution under the laws of whatever part of the world he happens to be in. This isn't a friendly chat either, when a burn notice is issued the operative may not even be aware of it until he discovers all of his operational support has vanished and his contacts won't take his calls. Operatives with a Burn Notice have the benefits (but mostly the drawbacks) of the Zeroed Perk.