Aiden PhillipsCIA, United StatesCIA Ops Officer. Former Marine Sniper.
Hollace McRaneyCIA, United StatesCIA Operational Handler, Old School Cold-War Era spy.
Izaiah McmillanCIA, United StatesCIA Ops Officer and Assault Team Leader.
Johnathan DavisCIA, United StatesPersonal Administrative Assistant of Hollace McRaeny
Malania FarooqCIA, United StatesUndercover CIA Operative Embedded as Idris' Personal Assistant.
Mateo AriasCIA, United StatesCIA Ops Officer, Former Army Ranger, EOD specialist.
Samuel AllenCIA, United StatesCIA Ops Officer. Formerly of Seal Team Seven.
Han Jin-HeeRGB, North KoreaNorth Korean covert intelligence officer.
Ramsha IdrisUnaligned, FreelanceHigh-End Broker for Enemies of the United States

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