The Multiverse

The Multiverse refers to every conceivable place of existence that could ever be published in a Marvel game.  Among endless physical realities and metaphysical planes, there are an infinite number of parallel timelines.  These are also called alternate Earths.

Some of these alternate earths have been documented by other alternate earths.  Most are numbered according to their celestial 'frequency' but same have also been given names (such as Earth-X).

There are two alternate Earths of particular importance to this game.
Earth-616:  The Mainstream Marvel Earth.  All Marvel stories happen here unless they would contradict continuity (at which point, those stories are usually said to happen on another alternate Earth).  In short, any element of Marvel Comics probably happened on Earth-616.
Earth-682:  This is the alternate Earth where this game takes place, unique to this game.  For now, this Earth is practically identical to the Mainstream Earth of Earth-616 except where this game specifically says that it isn't.

Reference:  Multiverse_(Marvel_Comics)

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