The Illuminati are very powerful individuals, usually what might be called 'superheroes', who covertly work to improve the world.  Most of what the Illuminati does would likely be considered moral, if not necessarily legal, by most people if the need is that urgent.

But some might say that once you begin manipulating people without their knowledge, whatever your reasons, you begin to slide down a slippery slope towards corruption.

In Mainstream Marvel (Earth-616), the members of the Illuminati are small and defined (at least the ones readers have seen).  In my game, the membership of the Illuminati is much more nebulous.  Anyone might be a member of the Illuminati, suggestions are encouraged below.  They don't all recognize each other as such and there may be levels of 'Illumination'.

This wiki entry is deliberately under-developed, the Illuminati are one of the big mysteries of the game.  Here are some guiding principles.

1. Most player suggestions will be accepted, although I may not reveal that at the time.  The few times I might not accept a suggestion is usually due to the fact that I have a different 'use' for that particular character this game.

2. There are a few bad actors in the Illuminati but most members really do want the make the world a better place.  Those worthies joined the Illuminati with that in mind.  But how long can you secretly guide Humanity before you are actually controlling them..?

Comicvine entry on the Illuminati

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