The Five Mystical Substances

The Five Mystical Substances are as follows:

Mystical Substance (Corresponding 'drug')          Corresponding Moon          Corresponding Element
Aer (Psychedelics)                                          Aero                     Aer (Air)
Eth (Speed)                                                 Eth                      Ether
Flam (Opiods)                                               Flam                     Flam (Fire)
Kaf (Tea/Coffee aka 'kaf')                                  Hydro                    Hydro (Water)
Terra (Cannabis)                                            Terra                    Terra (Earth)

Each Mystical Substance (aka 'drug') directly corresponds to one of Five Moons (Hydro, Terra, Eth, Flam, Aero). Each drugs' effects are potentiated or diminished by the phases of its corresponding Moon. Each drug temporarily conveys certain effects; conversely, regular use of any one causes adverse reactions. Each drug/moon also corresponds to one of the Five Elements: Hydro (Water), Terra (Earth), Ether, Flam (Fire), and Aer (Air)

Alcohol is virtually unknown, except perhaps in some niche chemistry/industrial applications.

Commonly consumed drugs include: Kaf (caffeine), Terra (cannabis), Eth (uppers), Flam (opiods), Aer (pyschedelics). Public social gathering halls typically, but not always, revolve around Kaf Parlo(u)rs. Combination Kaf Parlo(u)r/Inns are ubiquitous, in much the same way tavern/inns exist in most fantasy realms.