Eth Mines of Proudelia

The Eth Mines of Proudelia produce extremely pure specimens of the naturally occurring crystal, Eth, one of the five fundamental elements and one of the Five Mystical Substances, highly prized and consumed in vast quantities by the research wizards.

The mines themselves are actually located a bit farther away from Proudelia, about four day's difficult travel, twenty or so miles over the roadless, rugged terrain of the thickly-wooded Eastern Foothills. Arninen, The River splits in two halfway down the mountains on its way to the small city-state of Proudelia, and the cascading frigid mountain spring waters must be forded twice on the ascent from the city to the mines. Scouts from the Merchant Guard, runners of messages and parcels on behalf of the Merchant Council and testing station, make the arduous climb at a much quicker pace, benefiting from experience, skill, and exceptional pay.