Critical Hits and Misses

When rolling d20 for attacks (or, occasionally, skill checks), "naturally rolled" (before any +/- modifiers are taken into account) 20s and 1s are considered Critical Hits and Critical Misses, respectively.

On attack rolls, Critical Hits always succeed regardless of target AC; Critical Misses always fail regardless of target AC.

Critical Hits represent spectacular successes and good luck. Conversely, Critical Misses represent terrible failures and bad luck.

When a Critical Hit occurs, damage is doubled and the PC is rewarded with a second d20 roll. If this is also a Critical Hit, then damage is tripled. Repeat until a non-20 is rolled. Roll an extra die of damage for each consecutively rolled Critical Hit (e.g., 1d6+2 DMG would be rolled as 2d6+2 ).

*DO NOT roll damage and then multiply result by 2. Do NOT double any +/- modifiers.*

# of Consecutive Critical Hits (aka "Natural 20s")   Damage Dice Multiplier
1                                                            2dx+y
2                                                            3dx+y
3                                                            4dx+y
4                                                            5dx+y