CC&S&N's Elixers of Cure-all

...a small earthen jug, about the size of Grieg's fist, corked tightly with a plug of some strange black, spongy yet firm, material that holds its shape but provides a good seal. Grieg immediately recognizes the branding stamp on the jar. It's an older design, but unmistakable: "Carruthers & Carruthers & Sons & Nephews," which, in the vernacular, is shortened to "CC&S&N."

While the elder Carruthers was widely understood to have been nothing but a charismatic charlatan, a distributor of a variety of cure-alls and tonics, salves and scams, Carruthers The Younger managed to aspire to the ranks of research wizards, and brought the already successful family business into the realm of legitimate profitability.

"CC&S&N's Elixers of Cure-all" are famed through the lands as reliable, tasty, affordable, and readily available. This jar is an older, discontinued variety: "Dwarven Hardtack & Minty Miner Swill Flavo(u)r." That sounds...grim.

An Extra Healing Potion:
- Drinking the entire potion restores 3d8+3 HP
- May be drunk in thirds; each 1/3 heals 1d8 HP