Fourtower Bridge

Millie runs the General Store and has two large dogs in the store with her.

Lorna is the Innkeeper at the Moorland Magpie Inn.

Henchpersons and Hirelings

Nerida le Roux is a very young woman-at-arms in chainmail, shield, warhammer and axe. Barnabas is paying her 23 gold/day.

Hopkins de Bellamere is an old fisherman hired as a Porter.  Hired by Teodore for 13 silver/day.

Ermangard Saint-Helene is a woman in the prime of her life wearing leather armor and carrying a spear.  She was hired by Fiene for 8 gold/day.

Arietta Arundel is a contrary swordswoman hired by Bertilak the Green.

Coal the black bear is not to be trifled with and a fixture outside the entrance of Stonehell.

The Adventurers of the Four Towers
Known as "The Four", they consist of four adventurers awarded the bridge as a payment for services rendered many years past.  They each reside in one of the four towers that anchor the bridge.

Thomas - Often seen as a beautiful man drinking at the Moorland Magpie.  He wore his long hair pulled back and had a neatly trimmed grey beard.  Another obvious descriptor was that he had only one leg.  He might be interested in any gems or jewelry you come across or wish to purchase.

Silar -

Dagunn Rakel
- A woman who might tell you more of potions or take them off your hands, she's got a laboratory in her tower. Collector of mystic goods if you're ever in need of coin.  She lives in the Southwest tower.