Zenathi Empire

Often simply referred to as The Empire, the Zenathi [Zen-Ah-Thigh] is a coalition of mages who have banned together and begun conquering worlds. Their goal, according to them, is to bring law, order, and peace to the galaxy.

While the ruling class of the Empire are mages, the majority of the empire have little to no magical talent. When the Empire 'liberates' a planet their Judges scour the world for anyone with the slightest arcane talent. These prospects are taken off world to a classified training facility where they are taught to wield magic and fight for the Empire. These new mages are granted Rights and Responsibilities under Imperial citizenship that non-mages are not.

The majority of civilians living under Imperial rule love and support the empire because they do what they promise to, they bring Law, Order, and Peace to worlds that did not have it before. But they do so with an iron fist. The general punishment for almost every crime summery execution; most often without trial. Those populations and small organizations who stand against the empire are typically wiped out in bloody battles throughout the galaxy.

Base World: Cana VII (U18)
Notable Worlds: Many
The Empire rules over hundreds of worlds at this point and that number is steadily rising. While the Empire uses it's considerable military might to conquer some worlds, the empire has a far more devious tactic at it's disposal; Espionage. Imperial spies and saboteurs are feared throughout the galaxy, the slightest mention of a possible spy is enough to send most worlds into complete lockdown while the local government scrutinizes anyone who is suspect, this often leads to everything between minor political squabbles to full on witch hunts. Which of course only makes the planet more tumultuous and easier for the Empire to conquer once they do arrive.

The empire possesses one of the largest single fleets in the Galaxy. These ships range from light attack vessels and cargo ships all the way up to titanic battle carriers, all in the Empire's signature crimson coloring.

The Empire is a totalitarian organization, Mage's rule everything, and each is accommodated rank upon completion of their training. The ranking is as follows: