Your character has areas of natural aptitude and/or special training called talents. They provide a way to customize your character that goes beyond Skills. Choosing Talents is thus an important part of developing your character. Each of these provides a game system benefit.

Most Talents have Requirements, like a certain rank in a particular Skill. If you don't have the requirement, you cannot take the Talent.

Talents have been changed from their original, 3-tier system to be a one time investment. This brings them more in line with Feats (from D&D/Pathfinder).

Characters start out being able to choose one Talent. At each Milestone you may forgo increasing your Skills in order to take a a new talent.

Affluent (-1)
Requirement: None
You have access to greater resources than most. When you select this Talent, gain 500 credits. This Talent can be taken up to three times, it's effects stack.

Arcane Training (-1)
Requirement: Magic 1 or Higher
You have access to the powers of the universe, either through birthright, divine gift, or extensive study. When you take this Talent you gain Mana Points equal to 10 + Magic + 1d6, and gain Magic + 1d6 Mana Points at each Milestone after. In addtion you may choose three spells of your choice.

Arcane Training, Expanded (-1)
Requirement: Arcane Training Talent
Your knowledge of magic has expanded, you may choose three new spells of your choice. This Talent can be taken up to three times, you learn three previously unlearned spells each time you take this Talent.

Armor Training (-1)
Requirement: None
You have learned how to fight while wearing armor. You can wear padding and Light Armor and use a shield.

Armor Training, Medium (-1)
Requirement: Armor Training
You have learned how to fight while wearing armor. You can wear Medium Armor and use a shield.

Armor Training, Heavy (-1)
Requirement: Armor Training, Medium
You have learned how to fight while wearing armor. You can wear Heavy Armor and use a shield.

Artistry (-1)
Requirement: Communication 1 or higher and the Dexterity (Crafting) or Communication (Expression) Focus
You can create fine works of art. For the performing arts, see the Performance Talent. You can use the Dexterity (Crafting) or Communication (Expression) focuses to create works of art. Choose a field of visual (painting, sculpture, illustration, animation, photography, etc) or literary (poetry, fiction, scriptwriting, journalism, etc) arts. The GM determines the time and TN of the test, as well as your work's quality if you succeed. You can sell your work if you know a buyer. As an option, you can waive the extra income and gain a temporary reputation instead. This reputation fades over time if you don't produce other works of similar quality. Any reputation derived from your art disappears after a number of months equal to the result of your test.

Attractive (-1)
Requirement: None
You have that special something that catches and holds people's attention and interest. If an NPC could be attracted to you, their initial attitude is one step more favorable towards you. In addition, when interacting with characters who would be attracted to you, you can re-roll a failed Communication (Deception, Performing, Persuasion, or Seduction) test, but must keep the result of the second roll.

Black Marketeer (-1)
Requirement: Communication 1 or higher
You know how to find and navigate the local black market. Once per session, you can gain a +2 bonus on a Communications (Bargaining) by using black market channels.

Burglary (-1)
Requirement: Dexterity 2 or higher
You know how to bypass security to enter a place and take anything that strikes your fancy. You know your way around security systems. When you succeed at an Technology (Security) test to study a lock, alarm, guards, or any part of a security system or protocol, the GM provides you with one more piece of information.

Carousing (-1)
Requirement: Communication and Constitution 1 or higher
You take your fun seriously. You can drink other people under the table. When making Constitution (Tolerance) test, you gain a +2 bonus to the result. In addition, if you fail a Constitution (Tolerance) test, you can re-roll it but must keep the result of the second roll.

Command (-1)
Requirement: Communication 2 or higher
You are a skilled and capable leader. Your presence inspires allies. If you take an action to offer guidance, your allies gain a +1 bonus to Willpower (Courage) and Willpower (Morale) tests for the rest of the encounter as well, an NPCs you lead gain a +1 bonus when rolling for initiative. You can do this once per encounter.

Contacts (-1)
Requirement:  Communication 1 or higher
You have a large web of social connections, and know people even in the unlikeliest places. You can attempt to make a contact out of an NPC with a Neutral or better attitude toward you with a successful Communication (Persuasion) test. The GM sets the target number based on the likelihood of you knowing the character or having mutual friends. The more distant the character’s origin or social class from yours, the more difficult the test. If you succeed, the new contact’s attitude shifts one step in your favor and they readily provide information without a test, as long as it wouldn’t harm them.

Doctor (-1)
Requirement: Cunning (Medicine) Focus
You have the skills to heal wounds and treat illness and other conditions. If you succeed at a basic TN 13 Cunning (Medicine) test, you restore a number of hit points equal to your Cunning (Medicine) skill.

Duel Weapon Style (-1)
Requirement: Dexterity 2 or higher
You can fight in hand-to-hand combat with a weapon in your primary hand and another in your off-hand (a secondary weapon). Unless otherwise stated, attacks come from the primary weapon. While wielding two close combat weapons, if you take an Activate action, you gain either a +1 bonus on your melee attack rolls or a +1 Armor bonus vs. melee attacks until the end of the encounter. You can switch the bonus with another Activate action.

Expertise (-1)
Requirement: Skill Focus of your choice
You are a specialist in your field. Select an ability focus you have and choose a narrower task or field within it. For example, You can choose “hacking” for Technology(Computers) or “drones” for Dexterity (Piloting). You gain a +1 bonus for ability tests covered by the narrower task. You can select this talent multiple times, each time applicable to a different focus You can only choose Expertise once for a particular focus.

Fringer (-1)
Requirement: Communication 1 or higher
You know how to navigate and survive on the fringes of civilization. You cover your own tracks well. Other characters suffer a -2 penalty to any tests to find information about you or your activities.

Grappling Style (-1)
Requirement: Fighting (Grappling) focus
You’re skilled in restraining and subduing opponents in unarmed combat. If you fail an opposed Fighting (Grappling) test to avoid being grappled, you can re-roll it, but must keep the results of the second roll.

Giant Slayer (-1)
Requirement: Grappling Style Talent
You have become adept at grappling creatures bigger than you are. You are allowed to make Grapple Tests against Large creatures, and you gain a +2 bonus when doing so.

Hacking (-1)
Requirement: Technology (Security) and Technology (Computers) focuses
Computer security systems and safeguards are more suggestions to you than anything else. When you succeed at an Technology (Cryptography) or Technology (Security) test, the GM can provide you with an extra item of information about the subject. Also, you can use the Technology (Computers) focus instead of Communication (Investigation) and Technology (Research) if the information you seek can be found in an accessible computer system.

Improvisation (-1)
Requirement: Cunning 1 or Willpower 1 or higher
Whatever the situation is, you’re sure you can handle it. You can make a skill test that requires a specific focus, even if you don’t have that focus. You don’t gain the focus bonus to your roll.

Improvised Tool (-1)
Requirement: Cunning 1 or Willpower 1 or higher
You can Macgyver a wide array of makeshift weapons and tools from objects at hand. The penalty of your makeshift weapon is reduced by 1 and it lasts 2d6 rounds before breaking. If improvising a tool instead of a weapon, you can perform tests that require the tool, but the tool breaks after 2d6 rounds or a Snake Eyes roll, whichever comes first.

Inspire (-1)
Requirement: Communication 2 or higher
Your words and presence motivate others to action. You inspire your friends and allies. If you are conscious and they are within sight of you, your allies gain a +1 bonus to all Willpower-related tests.

Intrigue (-1)
Requirement: Communication 2 or higher
You are a master of secrets. You understand how to navigate complex social situations. Choose one of the following Communication focuses: Deception, Etiquette, or Seduction. If you fail a Communication test with your chosen focus, you can re-roll it but must keep the result of the second roll.

Know-It-All (-1)
Requirement: Cunning 2 or higher
You can bring your considerable knowledge to bear on any situation. You can attempt a test using an Intelligence focus somehow related to the test at hand rather than the called for ability, but with a -1 penalty. For example, using Cunning (Business) instead of Communication (Persuasion) to convince a corporate middle-manager to agree with you.

Knowledge (-1)
Requirement: Cunning 2 or higher
You have an inquisitive mind and you’re a fast learner. When you make a successful Intelligence
test with a knowledge focus, the GM should give you an extra piece of information on the topic. Also, pick any two of your Cunning focuses centered on knowledge. When making tests using those focuses, you can re-roll a failed test but must keep the result of the second roll.

Linguistics (-1)
Requirement: Cunning 1 or higher
You pick up new languages easily. When you learn a new language, you learn to both speak and read it. You learn two additional languages of your choice. You can also imitate a specifc dialect with a successful Communication (Performance) test. This talent may be taken muliple times, gaining you two additional languages. See the full list of Languages.

Maker (-1)
Requirement: Any manufacturing focus
Make-it-yourself is your motto and you use manufacturing focuses to do just that. Use Dexterity (Crafting) for most handcrafted and artistic items and Cunning (Engineering) for most technological items. The GM may approve other manufacturing focuses as appropriate for certain items. You can use a manufacturing focus to make any item with the appropriate tools and access to a workshop.

Medic (-1)
Requirement: Cunning 1 or higher
You’re skilled in treating patients in the field. You can re-roll any dice with a result of 1 or 2 when making an Cunning (Medicine) test.

Misdirection (-1)
Requirement: Communication (Deception) focus
You can sow confusion among friends and foes alike. As an action, you can make a Communication (Deception) test opposed by an opponent’s Willpower (Self-Discipline); if you succeed, your opponent must focus his attention on you until his next turn.

Observation (-1)
Requirement: Perception 2 or higher
You notice things others do not. Choose a Perception focus. If you fail a Perception test with your chosen focus, you can re-roll it but must keep the result of the second roll.

Off the Grid (-1)
Requirement: Fringer Talent
You are experienced at living life hidden from the system. The penalty for tests to find information about you increases to -3, and when you buy on the black market, your Communications (Bargaining) is treated as +3 instead of +2.

Oratory (-1)
Requirement: Communication (Persuasion) focus
You are a skilled public speaker who can sway others with your words. You know how to work a crowd. If you fail a Communication (Persuasion) test when trying to convince a group (not an individual), you can re-roll it, but must keep the results of the second roll.

Overwhelm Style (-1)
Requirement: Fight 2 or higher
In hand-to-hand combat, you are relentless and overwhelming. When you make a close combat attack, you can take up to a -3 penalty on your attack roll to receive a corresponding bonus to your damage roll.

Penetrating Shot (-1)
Requirement: Shoot 2 or better
You trust in your weapon’s power to punch through cover. The attack roll modifier for a target behind light cover does not apply to your attacks with a rifle.

Performance (-1)
Requirement:  Communication (Performing) focus
You have a talent for the performing arts. Choose a form of performance art, such as playing a musical instrument, singing, acting, dancing, miming, stand-up comedy, juggling, or any other art performed in front of an audience. You are an accomplished performer in your chosen art. Add +2 to all Communication (Performing) check made using your form.

Pilot (-1)
Requirement: Dexterity (Driving or Piloting) focus
Any vehicle under your control becomes like an extension of yourself. You are quick to get things going. Starting up a vehicle is a free action for you, and you can perform Dexterity (Driving or Piloting) tests as a minor action.

Pinpoint Accuracy (-1)
Requirement: Shoot or Fight 1 or higher, and Dexterity 1 or higher
You strike where it hurts the most. Once per round, you can add 1d6 to the damage of a successful attack if your Dexterity is greater than your target’s.

Pistol Style (-1)
Requirement: Shoot (Pistols) focus
Between the quick and the dead, you prefer the former. If you have a pistol in your hand, or draw/grab one as your first available action, you can roll initiative with a Shoot (Pistols) test instead of a Dexterity (Initiative) test. Also when hitting a target with a shot from a pistol,
you can add your Dexterity to the damage total.

Protector (-1)
Requirement: Perception and Willpower 1 or higher
You are the shield that protects your friends. Once per turn, if an ally is standing next to you, they may use your Defense in place of their own. This counts against one attack in that turn, further attacks are handled normally.

Quick Reflexes (-1)
Requirement: Dexterity 2 or higher
You react to threats instantly and instinctually. It is hard to get the drop on you. You may re-roll your initiative roll at the start of a combat encounter, but must keep the results of the second roll.

Read the Room (-1)
Requirement: Performance talent
You have a knack for reading a crowd. You get a feel for a room and adapt accordingly. If you have at least 15 minutes to observe a crowd before performing or speaking in front of them, you gain a +1 bonus to any Communication-based tests to persuade or entertain them. You can also choose a number of individuals in the crowd equal to your Perception (minimum 1); at the end of the 15 minutes of observation you know their initial attitudes toward you, and you know if they changed by the end of your performance and, if so, by how much.

Rifle Style (-1)
Requirement: Shoot (Rifle) focus
A rifle is far more dangerous in your hands. You can assume a highly ready stance; as long as you are not moving more than half your normal speed, you can make an attack with a loaded rifle you are holding as a reaction before rolling initiative, even if surprised.

Scouting (-1)
Requirement: Dexterity 2 or higher
You are skilled in reconnaissance and infltration. If you fail a Dexterity (Stealth) test, you can re-roll it, but must keep the results of the second roll.

Self-Defense Style (-1)
Requirement: Fight (Brawling) focus
You are trained in martial arts focused on defense and deflection. Once per turn you may perform a full defense action, adding your Fight to your defense. If you do this, it costs you your 2nd action for the turn. In addition, if you fail a Fighting (Grappling) test, you can re-roll it, but must keep the results of the second roll.

Single Weapon Style (-1)
Requirement: Perception 2 or higher
You can fght more effectively wielding a single-handed melee weapon. You can wield your weapon to block and parry attacks. Gain a +2 to defense when fighting in this style. Additionally, you know how to fght several enemies at once. Opponents making melee attacks against you never gain a bonus on their attack rolls for outnumbering you.

Striking Style (-1)
Requirement: Fight (Brawling) focus
By training or raw talent, your unarmed strikes leave a lasting impression. When you attack unarmed, you inflict 1d6 damage instead of 1d3.

Tactical Awareness (-1)
Requirement: Dexterity and Perception 1 or higher You move calmly and expertly while in combat. You can take the Melee Attack or Ranged Attack action at any point during your movement. Normally you have to fnish your movement before attacking. Also you are hard to pin down in combat. Opponents do not gain an attack bonus for outnumbering you. If you also have the Single Weapon Style, your Defense bonus increases to +3 when fghting in that style.

Thrown Weapon Style (-1)
Requirement: None
You are adept with weapons thrown by hand. You gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with thrown weapons and add your Strength score to the damage.

Two-Handed Style (-1)
Requirement: Strength 3 or higher and Fight 1 or higher
You are deadly with heavy melee weapons. Your weapon and the power of your attacks force foes to yield ground. When you hit with a melee attack with a heavy weapon, you can move the target 10 feet in any direction.

Wheel Man (-1)
Requirement: Pilot Talent
You push the performance of your means of transportation. When you control a vehicle, it gains a +2 bonus to tests involving its speed. In addition, if you fail an ability test to control a vehicle, you can re-roll it, but must keep the results of the second roll.