This is a list of spells available to spellcasting characters.

Creation Magic Spells
Aura of Might, Crushing Prison, Ensnare, Fist of the Maker, Force Field, Grease, Glyph of Paralysis, Glyph of Preservation, Group Heal, Heal, Heroic Aura, Heroic Defense, Heroic Offense, Invigorate, Levitate, Life Ward, Mass Rejuvenation, Pull of the Abyss, Regeneration, Rejuvenate, Revival, Shelter, Stonefist, Telekinetic Weapons

Divination Magic Spells
Dowse, Dream Sending

Elemental Magic Spells
Blizzard, Chain Lightning, Cone of Cold, Earthquake, Elemental Mastery, Fireball, Flame Blast, Flaming Weapons, Frost Weapons, Inferno, Lightning, Petrify, Pit, Rock Armor, Shape Earth, Shock, Spring, Stonefist, Stones Embrace, Stones Throw, Tempest, Walking Bomb, Wind Weaving, Winters Grasp

Illusion Magic Spells

Nature Magic Spells
Blizzard, Ensnare, Spring, Stinging Swarm, Summon Beast, Tempest, Weather Weaving, Wind Weaving, Winters Grasp, Wrath of the Elvhen

Necromancy Magic Spells
Affliction Hex, Animate Dead, Curse of Mortality, Death Cloud, Death Hex, Death Magic, Death Syphon, Decompose, Drain Life, Entropic Cloud, Horror, Miasma, Misdirection Hex, Paralyze, Virulent Walking Bomb, Vulnerability Hex, Weakness

Spirit Magic Spells
Anti-Magic Burst, Anti-Magic Ward, Arcane Bolt, Arcane Shield, Daze, Dispel Magic, Dream Sending, Fade Shield, Glyph of Neutralization, Glyph of Paralysis, Haste, Heroic Aura, Horror, Invigorate, Mana Clash, Mana Cleanse, Mana Drain, Mass Paralysis, Memory, Mind Blast, Paralyze, Sleep, Spellbloom, Spell Might, Spell Shield, Spell Wisp, Telekinetic Burst, Virulent Walking Bomb, Waking Nightmare

Summoning Magic Spells
Stinging Swarm, Summon Beast

Techno Magic Spells
Animate, Arcane Hack, Bypass, Gremlins, Recharge, Repair, Schematic, Tracker

Warding Magic Spells
Anti-Magic Ward, Crushing Prison, Dispel Magic, Fade Shield, Glyph of Neutralization, Glyph of Preservation, Glyph of Repulsion, Glyph of Sealing, Glyph of Warding, Heroic Defense, Repulsion Field