Experience Points
Characters have Experience Points, shortened to EXP, that they win through hard learned life experience and struggle. This is the currency you use to build your character. With these points you can buy skill ranks, skill focuses, Talents, and Specialization Ranks. While Talents and Specialization ranks vary in cost, Skill ranks and Skill Focuses only cost 1 EXP.

Starting EXP
Characters begin with 20 EXP, after all, unless your game starts the moment a character is born they have some previous life experience, even if it was just as a moisture farmer on some remote backwater desert planet.

EXP per Milestone
At each milestone the characters are awarded a number of EXP equal to 1d6 + Cunning.

Skill List
There are 11 total skills in the Game. They are listed below with a short description of what each skill covers.

Communication: Represents your character's social skills, personal interactions, and ability to deal with others.
Constitution: Represents your character's fortitude and resistance to harm.
Cunning: Represents your character's smarts, knowledge, and education.
Dexterity: Represents your character's agility, hand-eye coordination, and quickness.
Fight: Represents your character's skill at combat with melee weapons, such as electro swords, heat axes, etc.
Magic: Represents your character's arcane knowledge and innate eldritch ability.
Perception: Represents your character's your character's senses and their ability to interpret sensory data.
Shoot: Represents your character's physical precision and skill with ranged weapons, such as blasters.
Strength: Represents your character's physical prowess.
Technology: Represents your character's knowledge and ability to create, repair, and use technology of all kinds.
Willpower: Represents your character's mental toughness, discipline, and confidence.

Skill Focuses
A focus is an area of expertise within a larger Skill. For example, while Cunning as a whole determines how smart your character is, a Current Affairs focus would indicate a particular knowledge and level of information about what is currently happening in the 'verse. In game terms, having a focus gives you a +2 bonus when using that narrow focus of knowledge.

At any point where you could spend a point to gain a new rank in a Skill, you can instead use that point to purchase a Skill Focus instead.

Communication Focuses: Bargaining, Deception, Disguise, Etiquette, Expression, Gambling, Investigation, Leadership, Performing, Persuasion, Seduction
Constitution Focuses: Running, Stamina, Swimming, Tolerance
Cunning Focuses: Art, Business, Cooking, Current Affairs, Demolitions, Engineering, Evaluation, Law, Medicine, Navigation, Science, Tactics
Dexterity Focuses: Acrobatics, Crafting, Driving, Free-Fall, Piloting, Sleight of Hand, Stealth
Fight Focuses: Brawling, Grappling, Heavy Weapons, Light Weapons
Magic Focuses: Arcane Knowledge, Potion Brewing, Spell Focus (Various), Creation Magic, Divination Magic, Elemental Magic, Illusion Magic, Nature Magic, Necromancy Magic, Spirit Magic, Summoning Magic, Techno Magic, and Warding Magic
Perception Focuses: Empathy, Hearing, Intuition, Searching, Seeing, Smelling, Survival, Tasting, Touching, Tracking
Shoot Focuses: Bows, Gunnery, Pistols, Rifles, Throwing
Strength Focuses: Climbing, Intimidation, Jumping, Might
Technology Focuses: Computers, Cryptography, Repair, Research, Security
Willpower Focuses: Courage, Faith, Self-Discipline