Eremin Enderbottom

Eremin Enderbottom is the Halfling owner and Captain of the Star Shadow, a light freighter that he has had retrofitted to conduct salvage operations throughout the galaxy.

Eremin is a little rough around the edges and comes off as a shrewd buinsessman. However, under the exterior he is a descent man who's just trying to make enough credits to retire to a nice beach on some far off planet. He's loyal to his ship and his crew and will go to great lengths for them under the guise of "...Hard to find good replacements."

With the constant fighting between the Alliance and the Empire, Eremin is looking to get out of the game and onto that white sandy beach as soon as possible, before he catches one of the power's attention and his little ship and crew get drafted into one of their navies. Luckily, Eremin's just got a tip that might make his dreams come true.