Credits are the basic currency of the Galaxy. They are regulated by the banking guilds and are used on every civilized planet in the Galaxy. Smaller fringe planets or those that have yet to be discovered my have their own unique currencies or economic systems.

Characters begin with a number of credits equal to 50 + 3d6.

Equipment Prices.

Blaster Pistol Ammo (15): One clip's worth of solid, chemically projected ammunition.
Laser Pistol Charge (15): A charged ion battery for a Plasma pistol. Good for 15 shots before needing to be changed out.
Blaster Rifle Ammo (30): One magazine's worth of rifle ammo, typically bigger and more damaging than pistol ammo.
Laser Rifle Ammo (30): A larger, higher capacity ion battery that delivers more shots than the smaller, pistol batteries.

Chemical and Medical
Chemical, Antitoxin: Antitoxin is a hypodermic injection that can be used to neutralize a wide array of Poisons present in the body.
Chemical, Neutra-rad: Netra-rad is a hypodermic injection that can be used to neutralize Radiation Poisoning present in the body.
Chemical, Solv-a-Way: Solv-a-Way is a powerful chemical solvent that dissolves any sticky or hard to remove material. Also works great for degreasing engines.
Chemical, Sporekiller: Sporekiller is a hypodermic injection that can be used to neutralize most Diseases present in the body.
Chemical, Stim: Designed for military use, it soon found vast popularity on the black market. It is a powerful stimulant. One does grants a +2 bonus to Constitution, Dexterity, and Strength for 1 hour. Every time a character uses a Stim roll 2d6. On Snake Eyes, the character has OD'd and is Dying (Roll Death Die as normal).
Medkit: Contains bandages, stims, and specialized life saving equipment. Heal 1d6 Health to a character.
Medkit, Advanced: Functions as a standard first aid kit, only containing additional surgery equipment. Heal 2d6 Health to a character.

Computer Equipment
Display Contacts: These contact lenses fit perfectly over the eye and project a semitransparent image that appears to be roughly three feet in front of the user and comparable to a 55-inch display.
Hackcard: A one-time use hacking device that can be used on doors, computer systems, basically anything computerized and is preprogrammed with a program to bypass said device. Allows those with low Technology Skill to gain +6 to Technology to bypass computer systems.

General Equipment
Disguise Kit, Morphic: A specialized dose of nanites that when injected into the body physically alter the user at a cellular level; changing eye color, hair color and length, creating or removing distinctive marks like tattoos and scars, and changes to the users vocal cords on command. Add +4 to Communication when disguised as someone else.
Flash-Seal: Originally designed to seal compromised bulkheads, this thin cable can be placed around the perimeter of any metal door. Once ignited it effectively creates an airtight seal, welding the door shut. A door sealed in this manner cannot be opened and must be cut or blasted through.
Fusion Torch (6): These were created as a disposable form of emergency repair for EVA repairs to Ships and Space Stations. The fusion torch produces a small, thin gout of flame that burns with such intensity as to allow welding, even in an oxygen deprived environment.
Grappling Tether: A handheld, gun-like device that shoots a magnetic grappling hook up to 300 feet and allows the user to reel themselves in to a surface.
Neural Scrambler: Used in leu of physical restraints by security and law enforcement, this small device effectively immobilizes an individual when placed on the temple.

Survival Equipment
Aquaconverter: Also known as mechanical gills, the aquaconverter is a simple device that takes in water, separates it into hydrogen and oxygen molecules, and then feeds the oxygen into a breather tube and the hydrogen into power-generating mechanisms.
Emergency Vac System (EVS): These are basically oversized collars that you slip over your head. It's got sensors built in that automatically sense when you've been exposed to vacuum and deploy within a 10th of a nanosecond and looks like Major West's suit from the Lost in Space reboot (seen HERE). They are large disks placed on a person's back that contains an efficient CO2 scrubber, eliminating the need for a heavy oxygen tank. The scrubber is 99.999% efficient in turning the users carbon dioxide into oxygen, but will eventually run out, these suits can keep a person alive in complete vacuum for 24 hours. All armor (including padding) come with an EVS already installed.
Survival Rations: These rations are compacted freeze dried bars that provide all the nutrients and calories required to survive for 1 day.