Character Creation

Follow the steps below and you will have effectively built a Forgotten Galaxies character that is ready to jump into the game and make their mark on the 'Verse!

  1. Create a Character Concept - This is a rough idea of the sort of character you'd like to play.

  2. Choose Species - Your species is what type of race your character is, your race determines certain benefits and drawbacks you face as a result.

  3. Purchase Skills and Focuses - These are your character's core physical and mental attributes. They are purchased using EXP. A skill rank costs 1 EXP and a focus costs 1 EXP each.

  4. Purchase Talents (Optional) - You can, if you choose, purchase Talents. Each talent has a unique cost, indicated my the negative number next to it's name. This is the cost in EXP you must spend to take that Talent.

  5. Buy Equipment - Your character needs gear before their adventure can begin. Characters begin with a number of credits equal to 50 + 3d6.

  6. Calculate Stats - Determine your Speed, Defense, and starting Health before you begin.

  7. Pick a Name - Everyone needs a name!

  8. Create a short background - You is your character, where do they come from, where have they been, how did your character arrive in the current situation...

And that's it! In just 8 quick and easy steps you are ready to leap into the void and kick off your adventure!