Credits are the basic currency of the Galaxy. They are regulated by the banking guilds and are used on every civilized planet in the Galaxy. Smaller fringe planets or those that have yet to be discovered my have their own unique currencies or economic systems.

Characters begin with a number of credits equal to 50 + 3d6.

Armor Prices

Padding This is any kind of heavy or thick material a character wears that can serve as armor, such as heavy leather or similar artificial material.

Light Armor Light body armor is is made from modern anti-blaster material intended to stop blaster shot and other similar weapons from penetrating to minimize damage. This material is thin and light and thus fairly easy to wear without drawing a great deal of attention.

Medium Armor Blaster resistant chest and thigh plates strapped over light armor and a helmet with reinforced face shielding provide medium armor.

Heavy Armor Typically used by soldiers and security forces for combat duty is a layered affair of a body sheath of multiple layers of anti-blaster material, impact gel, and integrated medical sensor net capable of monitoring the wearers physical state as needed and topped with heavy anti-laser plates.

Shields are essentially hand-held cover and provide a bonus to whatever skill you use to defend against an attack.

Riot Shield: A small body shield, usually made of an anti-blaster and impact resistant polymer. Riot shields are commonly transparent, so as not to obstruct the user's field of vision.

Blaster Shield: A larger and heavier shield sufficient to crouch behind for cover, typically with a transparent viewing slit made of riot shield material. Ballistic shields are intended for cover in heavier fire, particularly for security needing to remain in place rather than seek cover elsewhere.

Energy Shield: A deployable energy shield attached to a control gauntlet. These shield provide sufficient protection from both blaster and laser weapons.