Sociocultural Characteristics

Biological Classification
Designation: Sentient
Classification: Celestial, Humanoid

Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 67"
Hair Color: Blonde, White, Red
Eye Color: Blue, Green, Brown
Skin Color: Dark to Light
Distinctions: Wings; vary from Dark to Light

Aasimar are sentient winged humanoids that inhabit a number of Gas Giants possessing bands of habitable space. The atmosphere and high winds in these zones, combined with an Aasimar's wings allow them sustained flight. Unfortunately, off their home worlds, an Aasimar's wings do little more than draw unwanted attention. A number of outer rim and deep space cultures believe that Aasimar are descendent from holy celestials and their wings, particularly the feathers, are worth quite a lot on the Black Market where they are purchased for their "miraculous healing powers".

Playing an Aasimar
Starting HP: 15