The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Reborn is a game that requires a well-thought-out, detailed character to play. The amount of effort that you put into your character will determine a lot about how the game works for you. As this game utilizes the Reclaim the Wild rulebook (see game links) every player will have a character sheet for the game but the usage of it will depend on you.

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Reborn takes place in the year 101 AC (After Calamity), one year after the Hero of the Wild awoke in the Shrine of Resurrection, freed the Divine Beasts, and rescued Princess Zelda before they defeated Calamity Ganon. It was intitially believed that with the Demon's defeat the rebuilding of Hyrule could begin in earnest but it has proven incredibly difficult. In spite of Ganon's destruction the Malice has not disappeared, many of the robotic Guardians are still serving his will, and most worrying, the Blood Moon has continued to rise and resurrect defeated monsters, although much less frequently than before (it appears only once a month instead of weekly as it had been prior to Ganon's defeat).

With few options available to her, Princess Zelda has made Hateno Village the temporary capital of the kingdom and has started the repair effort on Fort Hateno. However, with much of the kingdom still separated by great stretches of the Wild, she has dispatched messengers to every corner of Hyrule summoning adventurers to Hateno for a secret mission....

Equipment found around Hyrule