Gun Kata
Prereq: Cyberpapacy or Pan-Pacifica, Mind 10+, Dodge 2+, Fire Combat 2+
This Perk, common among elite inquisitors of the Cyberchurch and some martial societies in the Pan Pacifica realm of influence, is the basis for several firearm and close combat fighting techniques.

When using one or more Pistols, Fire Combat is considered a Favored Skill. When using Active Defense, the character gains a bonus to the total value equal to their adds in Trick (minimum +1).

Guns Akimbo
Prereq: Gun Kata
Some practitioners of the Gun Kata style of combat prefer to fight with a gun in each hand in order to offset any numerical superiority of their opponents. A pistol in each hand, firing at the same target, is also an excellent way to reduce the opponent count.

When using a Pistol in each hand, you can spend 2 Shock to ignore the first two points of a Multi-Target penalty or add a +3 bonus to Damage against a single target.

Short Training
Prereq: Gun Kata, Dodge 3+, Fire Combat 3+, Unarmed Combat 2+
An uncommon technique of the Gun Kata involves dueling with a single opponent at a very close range. This often includes melee combat with both opponents trying to point a gun at the other and pull the trigger, while at the same time, preventing the enemy from doing the same thing.

When equipped with a Pistol, the character may use their Dodge Skill in place of Melee Weapons or Unarmed Combat skill for defending against Firearms in Melee (Core Rules, page 122). If the attacker misses, the character may spend 2 Shock to take an immediate action against that individual (usually an attack with an equipped pistol, but an unarmed attack or a grappling attack are also common actions).

Long Training
Prereq: Gun Kata, Trick 2+
A very common technique of the Gun Kata is for avoiding gunfire from multiple targets by anticipating where their fire will be and not being in that location.

By spending 2 Shock, you may apply your Gun Kata bonus to all your defenses without taking the Active Defense action. If the Active Defense action is taken in the same round, the bonus from the roll is applied as normal.

Gun Kata Master
Prereq: Beta Clearance, Gun Kata, two other Perks requiring Gun Kata
You are one of the masters of the Gun Kata and are looked up to by many Close Combat practitioners.

Spend 6 Shock or 1 Wound to upgrade the ability provided from one of your other Gun Kata perks.