Dazzleomine (TL 24, $100 per dose)
Dazzle increases a character’s Charisma. The user feels in control of the situation and able to command others with his presence. Dazzle lasts for one hour. It increases Charisma by five points, and reduces Spirit by two points; this reduction is in force when the character rolls for addiction. At the end of its effect, the character takes a mental wound.

Dazzleomine is addictive with a difficulty number of 13. Addicts suffer from a -1 reduction in Spirit and Perception for each full week of addiction, down to a minimum of three in each attribute. Withdrawal from Dazzle causes a loss of 3 points from the Mind attribute. After beating the addiction, one point is restored to each attribute for each week that a character abstains from taking Dazzle.