TL: 26
MB Charger ($5,000/Rating Point)
Implanted at the base, or top, of the spinal cord. It speeds the response time of CNS signals, increasing Dexterity by up to three points. Each point of increase in Dexterity has a cyber rating of +2. The boost lasts for three minutes.

Compte’s Trilon Tendons ($3,500/Rating Point)
Misnamed, Compte’s “Tendons” are artificial muscle fiber mated to composite nanocable which are then attached to tendons or directly to the bone structure to increase Strength (Strength may not be increased by more than 3 points).

Trilon Tendons at first cause an inverse decrease in Dexterity. For example, a character with Strength 2 muscular implants suffers a -2 penalty to Dexterity. This penalty is removed at the rate of 1 point per month. In the example above, the character’s Dexterity would return to its normal level after two months. Trilon Tendons may not be combined with cyber limbs, but may be combined with Kreelar Tendons.

MB MindBoost ($2,500)
Attached to the rear of the skull, the MindBoost releases mild hallucinogens and stimulants into the left side of the brain which increases a character’s Mind attribute by three points for 15 minutes. Releasing additional doses of MindBoost adversely affect a character’s Mind attribute (the character becomes spaced out by the hallucinogens), reducing it by four points. Only one dose may be in effect at one time.

Marlenes Hot Wires ($1,000)
Neural injectors which release dosages of selected drugs into the bloodstream. Hot Wires are usually fitted beneath the skin in a small easily accessible box covered with NeuraSkin. Each box can hold up to five doses of a drug and the initial cost includes 5 doses of a drug.