Year 201 A.A.
FactsA pirate base is discovered in the forest and wiped out by the Metatheran Cartel, after being advised by two good citizens. At the same time, the Metatheran Cartel opens a new commercial base in the jungle.A famous scientist, Doctor Shilaea Motacc, is abducted while on holiday on a moon of Genarius and Fesvk Wefts, manager of a well known security company that was supposed to protect the scientist, pays the ransom to have her released, together with the contractors sent to set her free. The presence of the Metatheran Cartel becomes progressively more visible and, somehow, oppressive, if not outright threatening.Well known opposers to the Metatheran Cartel seem to disappear without leaving traces. Some suspect that the Cartel made them disappear, some others think that they went into hide to fight better the Cartel.A plot and a scandal involving the Methateran Cartel is discovered by the Resistance, that manages to gather the proofs of it with the aim of starting a legal procedure against the Cartel. The Cartel claims instead that this was due to a rogue manager of the Cartel (Velin Weir) and erases the very base of the Cartel near Gadrin by bombarding it with orbital turbo lasers! Unfortunately, the very head of the resistance (Gerta Haman) died during an assault to the rebel base.A small fleet is sent from Almas to Coruscant, on a secret mission for The Almas Academy. People says that they carried some secret artefact for the Jedi.
AdventuresA Cularin Presence and The Price of BusinessHead in the CloudsThe Resistance WithinRevelation and Refutation and TopWorldCoruscani Dawn
CharactersThe two good citizens are Ta'Rev and kivan cozuhlThe released contractors are Kaal Vang, Drarfful, Scoldufin and Jorad TaronNo character in the newsZerk is publicly rewarded and honoured as a hero together with other leaders of the resistance.No character in the news
Please notice that the facts and the characters involved are the ones that are publicly known and not the secret ones.