As I turned, it looked like the crystals got brighter, as if they were trying to keep me from getting away.
Reidi Artom

The Crystal Snare is a four-kilometer spherical asteroid in the Cularin system asteroid belt. It is a remnant of the large crystal deposits in Oblis, the planet that exploded to become Cularin system asteroid belt.
Reidi Artom investigated the asteroid during her initial survey of the system in 232 BBY. Her navigational computer locked onto the asteroid, and she eventually had to engage manual controls in order to turn away. The Crystal Snare is a rough sphere about four kilometers wide, covered with crystalline structures of little commercial value. The crystal asteroid amplifies transmissions, reflecting light brighter and causing feedback to sensor scans.
It is commonly known to use manual navigation when close to the Crystal Snare. Large ships can not approach the asteroid beyond 1,000 km, so smugglers used it to hide (as their smaller ships have a shorter PNR).
Over the years, at least three ships have disappeared near the asteroid.