A listing of all the Shouts available to players in Skyrim.  Each shout is in three words and each can be learned (individually or all three together) from certain people and by exploring places around Skyrim.  Each syllable adds to the shout and makes it more powerful but it is not necessary to always use all three syllables.  There is a stamina cost to using each shout (in terms of exhaustion points).

Shout1st Word (cost)2nd Word (cost)3rd Word (cost)In-game Effect
Elemental FurySu (15)Grah (20)Dun (25)Grants you 100% extra activity during a number of rounds (2/4/6) for weapon attacks only
Unrelenting ForceFus (8)Ro (13)Dah (22)Pushes back (5ft, M/10ft, L/15ft, H) anyone who stands in your path.  Generally considered a hostile action.
Whirlwind SprintWuld (10)Nah (12)Kest (17)Carries you straight forward at an increased rate for 1 round: Sprint (3x) / Fast Sprint (4x) / Dash (5x) (all at no extra exhaustion point cost).  The shout plus movement occupies 100% activity for that round.